Master Thesis

A partial list of Northwestern student thesis.

Master Thesis – Tina Rae Collins

TITLE: Snow White Awakens: The Story of Eve’s Redemption

Master Thesis – Jennipher Ng’Onya Phiri Mucheleng’Anga

TITLE: An Analysis of Female Pastoring of a Church from the Context of Joel 2:28-29

Master Thesis – Mihreteab Habtemariam

TITLE: The Eritrean Church’s Action Before Persecution and What Should be the Action During and After These Times of Persecution

Master Thesis – Jennifer R Skelton

TITLE: Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome and its Biblical Solutions

Masters Thesis – Derrick A Apple

TITLE: Exposing the Occult Danger in Popular Media

Master Thesis – Anthony Jennings

TITLE: The Word of God Can Be Applied to Effect Meaningful Change in the Lives of Inner-City Inhabitants Dwelling in an Atmosphere of Hopelessness

Master Thesis – Byiringiro Samuel

TITLE: Pastoral Counseling to Young People Who Are Born with HIV / AIDS

Master Thesis – Ronald Saunders

TITLE: The Importance of Listening

Master Thesis – Chris Lines

TITLE: God as Animator

Master Thesis – Atapia Owayibuekpo Atapia

TITLE: Conflict Management in Some Selected Secondary Schools in Three Local Government Areas of Rivers State, Nigeria

Master Thesis – Robert J Heyer

TITLE: Multicultural, Cross-Cultural, and Cross-Racial Christian Mentoring – Methodologies for Urban Ministry

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